Why Only 2% Succeed While 98% Don't

The question that arises in everyone's mind these days: why is there such a significant contrast between the 2% people who succeed and the 98% people who do not?

ZOHO Case Study | Made India's biggest Profitable startup | business without any loan

The video explores the success story of Zoho, India’s most profitable startup, founded by Sridhar Vembu. Vembu built a company that generates a profit of 2700 crores without any loans or investors.

Jack Ma's Life Advice Will Change Your Life

Jack Ma’s advice is to “focus on things that you are good at” and to “never complain.” He credits his success to his willingness to try many different business models and to his positive attitude.

Warren Buffett Leaves The Audience SPEECHLESS | One of the Most Inspiring Speeches Ever

Warren Buffett left the audience speechless with an inspiring speech about the importance of taking risks, customer service, and education.

He Got Fired, Then Turned His Side Hustle Into Billions!

The story of Herman Lay, a boy who got fired and turned his hustle into billions ,began when he was born in Charlotte North Carolina in 1909.